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What is new for Image North in 2017

Image North has had a successful past few years and is looking at expanding and offering more services. I am lucky enough to be related to a graphic designer and she has redesigned my website for me. Very exciting!

I have been travelling a lot for the past four years – prior to this I worked full-time and completed my workshops on weekends. Summer of 2012 I took the plunge and started working full-time from my home and travelling here, there and everywhere with my Dress to Impress workshop!

Dress to Impress has been my baby and I love working with the communities and getting out and assisting others to feel really good about themselves. Who knew that a new outfit could make someone feel so wonderful! It’s remarkable at what I get to see at the end of the day and how confident people are! Having your hair done, make-up and new clothing that fits right and is suited to you with your colours can have a huge impact on a person’s attitude. I know the coordinators in the communities I visit want the best for the clients and are helping and motivating them to secure employment. The confidence factor is a huge part of whether someone will be taken seriously in the job interview. If someone walks in with their head held high and feeling great about themselves – employers know and will want that person on their team! This workshop gives people that extra tool needed.

I designed another workshop called Style and Dress on a Limited Budget which entails the same lecture as Dress to Impress but we focus on getting the best possible clothing for each person but more budget minded. This is a lot of fun as well and we usually shop at Wal-Mart or in some cases the Hart store depending on my location.

Image North has done staff groups as well to give a reminder about the importance of dress and feeling good about yourself. It’s great role modeling for clients. Staff groups have had tons of fun with this and appreciate learning the different aspects of image.

My speaker series program is either participating in a career fair or coming to ones class for an hour or so to present on one of my topics from Colours, Personality Style to Appropriate Dress.

I have done some private image consulting and this is the area I am looking at expanding in. I was lucky enough to help a lady from Barrie and her husband and thoroughly enjoyed working one on one with clients as well! The lady I helped had previously worn all black – black unfortunately was not even in her colour palette. She grasped onto everything I told her and changed up her entire wardrobe and follows her colours implicitly!

My new services are listed under Personal Image Services. I listed them as packages so one can obtain enough knowledge about themselves and who they are to continue with their great image.

Another new service I am really excited about is my Image for Singles Workshop! This workshop will be offered on a monthly basis, 4 people max per workshop. The day is full and busy! Private days are also

available. If you are looking for that special someone, but just not having any luck – let Image North assist.

Image North has a workshop facility available right in my home. It is private and can fit up to ten people comfortably!

Image North’s mission is to create empowerment through self awareness that facilitates the discovery of one’s authentic beauty!

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