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Image For Singles

Once upon a time ago this 40 year old lady I know very well went on line – POF to be exact and met her Prince Charming. She was new to the dating world completely and had no idea how to get out there or put herself out there. She knew she wanted to meet someone soon after her 20 year marriage ended as she did not want herself or her son to get too comfortable on their own. Another person would add so much to their life. Being 40 she knew this time around what she was looking for in a man and was determined to find it! Prince Charming was not going to fall into her lap she had to get out there and find him.

As most of you know by now I am talking about me! Almost 8 years ago I was thrust back into the dating world and felt a bit overwhelmed. If it were not for a friend who was experienced with on line dating I am not sure I would have dared venture there. With her encouragement and helping me get set up I was off to the races! She coached me through the dating process and it helped me tremendously. As well, I read Love Smart by Dr. Phil, an amazing book. Great book to read for re-entering the dating world.

I met my prince on my 7th coffee date. It is important to set up a few dates a week and just meet the person for coffee in a public place. I did meet lots of nice guys there just wasn’t any chemistry until lucky number 7.

When I did meet my lucky number 7 it was a real whirlwind romance and 5 months later we moved in together. He helped me finish raising my son and is a friend to my older daughter and her husband. He provides love, support, stability and lots of patience. It will be 8 years this September and life is great!

We have travelled extensively together and some of our best weekends are still when it’s just us hanging out doing all the activities we enjoy doing .

My point to this story is that I am an Image Consultant by trade and developed a program called Image for Singles. The program involves helping you with your Image, Tips on Dating, Setting up an on-line Profile and getting you off to the races. It’s a fun, interactive day where we also shop for a date outfit and take some great pictures for your online profile! As my spouse always says “Life is better with two people!”

If you are interested please check out my workshop events as there are dates coming up!

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