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Discovering Your Style

What is style? For everyone this is something different. You can look at someone and say how does she/he do it? They always look amazing! They just have it!

We all have different styles and learning to discover and nurture your own is a fun process. Everyone knows inside what makes them feel great and what doesn’t. Sometimes you can pull items from your closet and think “ WHY DID I BUY THIS?” That is because it’s not really you. You may have been admiring someone and thought I can pull this off too, but realized you can’t or you just weren’t comfortable.

As you develop your style It’s important to keep note of your likes and dislikes and this does change over the years!

I know a few years ago I was quite comfortable in blazers and now they just don’t suit my lifestyle.

As I shop now I look for professional comfortable clothing. For me a structured blazer is much too stiff now! I wanted a great look that travelled well.

I was lucky enough to find a great designer whose clothing fits my professional lifestyle. Code Vitesse is a comfortable stylish clothing line made for women! Her clothing is offered at a local boutique in Barrie called ZuZu. I was very privileged to be asked to complete a photoshoot with the owner and another customer. This was honestly a highlight for me as I just love her designs which I wear over and over. What is so amazing about this line for me is it travels and washes really well. The items can be at the bottom of my suitcase and come out looking spectacular. Every piece is cut so stylishly and looks beautiful on.

Here are a few pictures from the day:

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