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My Story - Why Image Consulting

Image Consulting is a job where you assist people with their appearance, behaviour and communication. It was a long journey for me to get to this point in my life where I feel like I found my place and can truly say “this is where I belong!”

As a kid I honestly never felt pretty or that I dressed well. I was extraordinarily shy with no confidence. Picture this – super skinny kid, straight mousey hair and buck teeth. My mom often cut my hair very short as it tangled ridiculously easy, so I was often mistaken for a boy. (this did not help with the confidence).

As I started getting into my teenage years I started learning about clothing and make-up. Buying fashion magazines and really studying them.

I learned how to use make-up, too much at first mind you, but eventually got the hang of it and learned how to highlight features. As well – I studied hairstyles and it being the 80s (Big Hair) my hair would never go big! I worked with what I had – got perms and learned how to make it attractive to suit me. This was honestly a process – most of the time I left the house not feeling 100 percent confident about my appearance.

Anyways, I did learn how to make myself attractive enough and attracted my first boyfriend whom I clung to for dear life! (not a healthy way to be for a 16 year old) This boyfriend became my husband and father of my 2 children.

As I grew and went to College I still studied clothes – learned to buy items I felt pretty in, perfected my make-up routine for me. I earned 2 College Diplomas – not in fashion or esthetics but in Office Administration and Native Community Worker. I went to work in different jobs and was still quite shy, but got along quite well with coworkers and enjoyed learning new tasks. I finally landed myself in a job that blended all my skills together. I became an Employment Counsellor. I got to help people prep and search for jobs. As I was helping people I would study them and think wow if they wore this or changed their hair a bit they would be stunning! This isn’t to say looks is everything believe me I know its not! Its that feeling of “I feel Beautiful…therefore Confident!” It’s a matter of feeling comfortable in your own skin! I analyzed people all the time….this coming from an insecure kid who knew if you took the time for grooming you would feel that much better about yourself.

I eventually found myself in training at the International Image Institute and this program spoke to me in every way! Holistic program! It was a program that was from the Inside/Out – which Image is. Your image is your entire self.

The part of the program that stood out for me was when our teacher said – all of you are here for a reason – at one time in your life you did not feel so great about yourself. As I looked around the room at all these gorgeous women I found it hard to believe, but I realized like me they studied this area in their life that much extra! So all of us sitting there took the extra time to learn about fashion, make-up to feel good and we were still learning about it to help others. Ultimate Goal in Life – to HELP OTHERS feel as CONFIDENT as we do now.

My life took me on quite on the journey – marriage didn’t work out, but I did meet the man of my dreams.

At 40 I was not the insecure 16/20/30 year old anymore. In a lot of ways I had come into my own. Still with fears mind you….but definitely knew I deserved more than what I settled for in my life. I now live a life that is beyond what I could have dreamed of….both of my children are beautiful, kind adults forging their own path and making their dreams come true.

My goal through Image Consulting is to help others discover their AUTHENTIC BEAUTY and exude their TRUE CONFIDENCE!

With CONFIDENCE you can step into that job, meet that person of your dreams, travel the world, take risks, open a business….BE OPEN TO THE POSSIBILITIES!

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