Moving to Temagami

Image North moved to Temagami just over a year ago!

Between all of our travels it has not felt like a year!

My husband retired and we moved to our island in Temagami – our cottage was here and we built a retirement home. Just beautiful!

This island life has come with some adjustments I tell ya! Definitely lots of pros-- swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, etc…but the convenience of running to town is definitely not here. If I want a Starbucks it takes about 2 hours to get one…lol! Once you boat or snowmobile off the island, get in vehicle and drive to North Bay – just under 2 hours.

Change is good and I love my life! Changes in life help you to grow and makes everyday an adventure. One definitely has to be a hearty, outdoorsy person to survive here though and honestly I never saw myself as that. Lots of friends and family questioned me on my survival up here…with good intentions I am sure. Have to admit I do love the city life…checking out shops, having tea or wine with friends, going out to eat! Believe me I appreciate this that much more when I return to visit family and friends. I do believe I am heartier than I ever gave myself credit for!

Temagami offers – beautiful sites everywhere you look, peace and tranquility, lots and lots of exercise—our house is built on a hill so just going out requires you to walk up and down this big hill. Unlimited outdoor recreation. Very nice community – just starting to get to know some people.

Our lifestyle allows us to go to the city often to visit – one child lives in Barrie with her husband and our first grandchild and one lives in Sudbury with his girlfriend.