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Moving to Temagami

Image North moved to Temagami just over a year ago!

Between all of our travels it has not felt like a year!

My husband retired and we moved to our island in Temagami – our cottage was here and we built a retirement home. Just beautiful!

This island life has come with some adjustments I tell ya! Definitely lots of pros-- swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, etc…but the convenience of running to town is definitely not here. If I want a Starbucks it takes about 2 hours to get one…lol! Once you boat or snowmobile off the island, get in vehicle and drive to North Bay – just under 2 hours.

Change is good and I love my life! Changes in life help you to grow and makes everyday an adventure. One definitely has to be a hearty, outdoorsy person to survive here though and honestly I never saw myself as that. Lots of friends and family questioned me on my survival up here…with good intentions I am sure. Have to admit I do love the city life…checking out shops, having tea or wine with friends, going out to eat! Believe me I appreciate this that much more when I return to visit family and friends. I do believe I am heartier than I ever gave myself credit for!

Temagami offers – beautiful sites everywhere you look, peace and tranquility, lots and lots of exercise—our house is built on a hill so just going out requires you to walk up and down this big hill. Unlimited outdoor recreation. Very nice community – just starting to get to know some people.

Our lifestyle allows us to go to the city often to visit – one child lives in Barrie with her husband and our first grandchild and one lives in Sudbury with his girlfriend.

Needless to say working from here in my beautiful office has been a blessing – my views are outstanding! Travelling from here to work is another story! I will continue to work with the Northern Communities and Barrie area as we have family there. Southern Ontario takes that much longer now…so hoping to hire the right person for that area.

So Image North is working from Temagami and completing workshops – but I also achieved my Level II Reiki and offering this service to Temagami residents, visitors etc… Next blog will be about Reiki.

Here are some pics to enjoy!

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