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Life was Normal...

Just over a week ago our life was normal – everyone’s normal is different I realize.

We had a wonderful weekend visit with my daughter, her husband and grandbaby. Played outside, he got his first ride on snowmobile, first ride in our snowcoach. Lovely meals, life was fun, life was normal.

Last week went to work in Walpole for my workshop. Met with group and coordinator, coordinator is a long time client, now a friend. Amazing group – loved getting their pics done, makes my job so much fun when clients love their looks and really enjoy the picture part! Life was normal!

On this trip my husband came with me … we stayed in hotels and had nice dinners….almost like date nights. Life was normal!

Wednesday of last week heading home we get news that the virus has hit Sudbury. My son and his girlfriend live there. I was supposed to go to Sudbury for a workshop on the weekend. At their suggestion I postponed. My plans just last Thursday were to go see my grandbaby, Friday drive to Sudbury with my cousin and have dinner with my son and his girlfriend as it was her birthday. Workshop Saturday…then drive to North Bay for a Reiki Share Sunday and then home to the island.

Our life may seem remote but we have never been isolated. We do have guests up all the time and look forward to seeing everyone! We try and plan adventures so they get the best experiences of our paradise – Temagami- that we can offer.

Shawn and I retreated to our house on the island. Life felt normal at first, although my husband said we need to Social Distance and follow what is being recommended. He said cancel our upcoming guests even dinner with some locals. He said and was right we travelled all over southern Ontario and don’t know if we picked up anything. He said we need to ensure we flatten the curve (no idea what he meant at the time, I DO NOW). He was right – much to the disappointment of our friends whom we love and adore we cancelled.

Our weekend was ok – pretty normal few days being on our own. We are both super busy people who enjoy doing things and keeping active. Plus planning all the time for work, gatherings, trips, etc… I had 5 workshops coming up --- planned family time etc… Shawn treats retirement like a job and is always doing projects! Sleeping in – what is that?

Anyway my point being life doesn’t feel normal now…for everyone I am sure! A few days this week we had no idea what to do as it seems we have so much time to do all our tasks!

So our plans are to do:

Some work -- projects around house, ideas for business, etc…

Lots of PLAY

Lots of LOVE – I know gag me! Lol

All I can say is Thank God we really like each other not just love but really really like each other’s company.

Not even sure why I wrote this blog…now that I have typed it….I guess just for something to do and thinking about how fast things have changed in one week.

It’s hard to watch the news and not be terrified of everyone’s uncertain futures. It’s hard to sit on this island and not worry about family and friends. All I can say is thank god for internet!

Anyway everyone please love, play and get creative – life one day will be normal again!

Sending good energy and good thoughts to everyone!

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