Online Dating Tips

This pandemic will end soon(hopefully) and some of the single people out there may have realized it might be better to share your life with another person than being on your own.

I am offering some tips below – only from my experience, but hey it may help someone!



Set up an attractive profile picture showing your best self! Both men and women…. are visual creatures. Don’t be too wordy in your profile description…both my husband and I agree it gets boring and nobody wants to spend too long reading someone’s profile. Keep it short and sweet


This has to be something you add into your daily habits like exercising. Set a goal everyday to spend about 20 minutes on it and send out quick hellos to people you think might be suitable for you! When this is done….set up a couple of coffee dates each week! (Zoom calls right now) This is important as some people can forever live in a fantasyland of pretending to date but not really be interested in turning it into real life dating! I would suggest deleting these people – if you ask for a coffee date or as I said zoom right now and they put you off – just delete them.