Body Confidence: Practice Self-Acceptance and Hike Self-Worth

You gaze in the mirror and mutter, "Gosh, look at the muffin top." "Ugh, stupid hooked nose!" "What the heck happened to my butt?"

Many of us have complicated and negative relationships with our bodies, impacting our self-image, self-esteem. It may even stop us from engaging and thoroughly enjoying our lives. We're constantly bombarded with popular images of the perfect body and flawless beauty. It's no wonder we base our value on external appearances, and we obsess on how to 'fix' ourselves.

But you can reduce negative self-talk and increase body positivity and self-acceptance. Here is what real Canadian women shared with me when I posed the question, "How do you practice body confidence?"

I Focus on Finding New BFFs

I delete anyone on social media that makes me feel worthy only when I lose weight, dye my hair blonde, or buy the latest miracle wrinkle cream.

I now follow role models who make me feel positive inside and outside. I choose inspirational champions who are passionate about similar interests and causes that I support.

I Focus on My Side of the Fence

I stop short every time I compare myself to what others are wearing, what trips or parties they attend, and what they have that I don't own.

I'm also hyper-aware when I mentally judge others for their differences, whether their body shapes, skin colour, hair texture and physical abilities. It's also none of my business what food or amounts others eat.

I Focus on My Health

I separate exercise from the sole purpose to fit into smaller size pants, to impress anyone or attract a mate. I focus on moving my body so I can tackle daily tasks and feel energized to join friends for a mountain hike or a day of skiing.