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Nothing to Wear? 5 Cures to Combat Your Closet Curse

Do you struggle with the I have nothing to wear syndrome?

You gaze inside your closet and imagine the appearance of a magic hanger with a beautifully coordinated outfit and accessories. Every morning, millions of us experience defeat before we’ve even had our first sip of coffee. It’s another I have nothing to wear day!

Understanding why this happens is the first step in conquering your closet crisis. Here are five simple solutions to help you end this daily dilemma and get psyched by all the fabulous clothing choices at your fingertips.

Reason 1 – Clothes Overload

You fell in love with the fabric, so you bought the item in three different sizes. You have an adorable skirt but don’t have the right top. The jeans were on sale last year, but you still haven’t shortened them. You snagged some of your sister’s hand-me-downs, and you’re a thrift store shopaholic.

Basically, you have too much stuff! This makes it hard to see what’s in your closet, let alone coordinate your outfits. Editing is the first step to managing your closet chaos. Pull out all the clothes and sort them into four piles – the keep, donate, repair and seasonal stack. This will help you visually see through the clutter.

Reason 2 – Lifestyle Change

Your career or life circumstance has changed. You don’t need an impressive corporate wardrobe anymore, yet your closet is filled with power suits. You may now be working from home and require casual outfits, or you need more activewear for sports or travelling. You’ve evolved, but your current wardrobe doesn’t serve your new lifestyle.

Think about your occupation, pursuits and events, and the amount of time spent on each. This will help you identify and refine your clothing needs to match your new environment. For instance, if most of your days are spent outdoors, a more significant portion of your clothes should be active or workwear.

Reason 3 – Improper Fit

You have clothes in your closet that don’t make you look or feel your best. You may have lost or gained weight, and they’re ill-fitting, uncomfortable to wear, and possibly stir up negative vibes.

Keep only the clothes that fit you right now. Any items that are favourites or you feel you’ll soon wear, store them in boxes or a spare closet. This will help you focus on what makes you feel good now.

Reason 4 – Personal Style Confusion

You don’t have a clear understanding of what your unique style is. Up to this point, you’ve bought clothes with no thought to shape, colour, personality or lifestyle needs. It’s a closet patchwork that doesn’t work!

Whether you’re a classic, sporty, romantic, natural or dramatic, defining your signature style will create an effortless and timeless wardrobe. Read more about personal styles here

Reason 5 – Wardrobe Rut

Your clothes are boring, and you’re tired of wearing the same thing. You may have an entire wardrobe of everything beige, a closet full of ’90s trends, or you’re simply stuck in frumpville.

Toss out what isn’t your personality and style. Add bold colours, new fun pieces and coordinate different items rather than your same go-to black pants and white shirt uniform. Mix it up and experiment to create an interesting and exciting wardrobe you’ll love to wear.

Final Fashion Thoughts

Getting dressed shouldn’t add stress and dampen the rest of your busy day. By examining and revamping your clothing items, you’ll create an efficient wardrobe that makes you feel like a superstar.

Drop the phrase; I have nothing to wear and start a new morning mantra – which look-and-feel-great outfit will I wear today!

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