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How to Feel Attractive at Any Age

You've heard it before, 'age is just a number.'

But admit it, it was the furthest thing from your 20-year-old mind when you were trim, wore tight jeans and strutted your stuff in four-inch heels. Time has marched on, yet you may view beauty as only for the young and slim.

But aging is not what it used to be – it's way cooler. Whether you're in your '30s or '90s, you can look and feel fabulous at any age.

Here are five practical tips to help you be sassy and sensational.

Personal Style

You've seen changes in your shape, skin pigment and hair colour. You may also be transitioning to a new career or beginning a dream adventure, so your 'younger' wardrobe doesn't fit or function for your new lifestyle.

Hanging onto clothes that are too tight, short or revealing, ages you. You don't need to shop at Forever 21 to look attractive, but neither do you have to settle for frump.

Learning your personal style and getting a colour analysis will help you feel comfortable and confident in clothes that fit your shape, enhance your hair and skin tone and work with your new life.

Glowing Inside and Out

You don't need full makeup to feel beautiful. Remember, you have the right to choose. You can either go bare or wear makeup. Basics like clean skin and a healthy smile are always smart ideas. Think of your skin and teeth as your 'little black dress'. You can keep it simple or dress it up!

Plastered makeup looks cakey, and the wrong shade can drain your complexion. Apply sheer foundation conservatively starting in the middle of your face and blend outward. Use a light touch of blush where the sun would naturally add colour – cheeks, across the bridge of your nose and the middle of your forehead and chin.

Your eyebrows may have faded, so frame your face by filling them in with a bit of brow pencil. Draw attention to your eyes by brightening the inner corners with a touch of illuminating highlighter.

Add a soft shade of tinted lip gloss to feel put together and ready to conquer your day.

Healthy Body

A healthy body doesn't mean size two pants.

Whether walking, swimming, dancing, or gardening, any type of daily movement will help keep your joints and muscles flexible. Adding Yoga, Tai Chi, or Pilates will also increase your energy level and mental well-being.

Limit low-nutrient foods, and increase fruits and veggies to help maintain good health. And don't forget to drink water.

Walking with a droopy head and sagging shoulders suggests a lack of vitality and makes your clothes look sloppy. And that's not you. Practice straight posture with shoulders back and chin up.

Being healthy, standing tall, and feeling vibrant is key to looking your best.

Role Models

Who doesn't admire celebrities like Judi Dench, Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis – women who live their passion and look marvellous? They're not elderly and faded; they're timeless!

Follow role models who show and promote that women are smart, classy and beautiful at all life stages.

Whether you choose comfy jogging pants or a form-fitting pencil skirt, fashion style is an attitude.

Believe that there are no limits to your potential, worth and beauty.


There may be days when you feel like yogurt after its expiry date and your self-esteem sours. You look in the mirror and see all your 'imperfections'.

Reframe your thoughts and words. Focus on what's amazing and admirable – your lively eyes, how stunning you look in bold colours, your in-depth knowledge on obscure topics, and your infectious laugh. Remind yourself of past successes and the new possibilities yet to come.

Maintaining a positive mindset and self-image helps to boost your confidence. And confidence is always attractive.

Final Thoughts

Don't let cultural expectations, stereotypes, or numbers define you at any age. You get to define yourself.

Beauty is about feeling your best – and you're looking good, kid!


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