Wardrobe on a Budget: How to Look Fall Fab for Less

We all want to look fabulous without spending big bucks. So how do you build an autumn and winter wardrobe on a budget?

As a professional image consultant, here are some of my all-time secrets to help you create a stylish wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Your Personal Style

Always start with your personal style.

Knowing your unique style that embraces your body shape, height, colouring, personality, and lifestyle will help you choose clothes that fit and flatter you. When you rock your signature style, you project a defined image and dressing each morning is effortless.

Read my blog, Trends vs Personal Style – Fads Fade, but Style is Forever to learn why your personal style matters.

Still unsure what clothes look best on you?

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Shop Your Closet

It’s time to take stock of what’s in your closet. In other words, you’re looking for basic or staple pieces to act as your jumping-off point.

Over the years (and sometimes decades), you’ve accumulated lots of stuff. So pull everything out and evaluate each piece – tops, pants, jackets, jeans, dre