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Personal Style Goals for the New Year

Every January you make New Year’s resolutions. You vow this year will be different – better. You have big goals; land a new job, start a business, ooze confidence and heck yes – try new adventures!

What you wear impacts how you feel and plays a large part in what you believe is possible. Your clothes determine if you feel frumpy or fabulous and they send a message to how others see you – a wallflower or someone who will wake up the world!

Here are five easy ways to upgrade your personal style and help lockdown those big dreams.

Pick Your Wardrobe Goals

Think about your lifestyle and what changes would move you closer to your goals.

Do you want to end the morning ‘what to wear’ stress and grab ready-to-go coordinated pieces? Is it to invest in quality outfits instead of wasting money on trends? Is your goal to be seen as a competent professional and land that job promotion? How about respecting and loving your body – and simply being comfortable and confident in your clothes?

Everyone’s motivation is different. But knowing your personal style will help you set goals. Whether you’re a Classic, Romantic, Creative, Natural or Dramatic, you know what colours and outfits suit you best. If you’re unsure which personality type you are, check Pinterest, fashion magazines or for professional help, hire an image consultant.

Clutter Closet Clean Out

Now it’s time to declutter so you can maximize your closet.

Pull out all the clothes, shoes, handbags, belts, hats, scarfs, empty shopping bags, busted hangers, and the crumpled jeans in the back corner. Then sort everything in four piles

1. I Feel Fabulous (the keep pile) – clothes that are your personal style, fit well and make you shine.

2. What was I Thinking (the donate or toss pile) – items that are dated or worn out.

3. I’ll Baby You (the repair or wash pile) – pieces that need mending, alterations, or cleaning.

4. I’ll Wait and See (not ready to toss or seasonal) clothes that you want to keep for now.

Remember, that closets gather dust and debris, so wipe down those empty shelves and vacuum!

Perfectly Organized

Now you’re ready to arrange your closet in a way that suits your lifestyle and is most useful.

Some people organize their closet by colour – like in a rainbow. You can group your clothes by occasion – office, casual, parties. Or group complete outfits together – top, skirt, blazer. Other methods include organizing by similar type – skirts with skirts, etc. Or by weather – morning chill and afternoon sun. Also by frequency – go-to favourites that sit in the front of your closet for easy access.

Whatever system works for you, don’t forget to organize your shoes, handbags and accessories.

To keep your closet visually appealing and tidy, consider using the same hangers, preferable the non-slip variety. See-through containers for small items are also handy.

Put Pen to Paper

Assessing your newly organized closet not only gives you a feeling of control and satisfaction, but it’s also your reference guide so you can shop for pieces that are appropriate in style, colour, and fabric without the fear of duplication or error.

Create a list of your current clothes, or better yet, take photos of the individual pieces and complete outfits. This guide is like taking your image consultant shopping with you!

A Shopping You Go

If you’re easily distracted by shiny objects, here are some points to remember when shopping:

- Don’t buy an item because it’s on sale or ‘will do’.

- Shop for pieces that you instantly recognize as ‘that’s me’.

- Shop for staples, not runway trends that will soon fade.

- Try it on. You may be surprised how well it fits.

- Have fun – buy a piece that’s a bit out of your comfort zone. You never know what you’ll discover.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing more beautiful than a confident woman. Someone who knows who she is on the inside and isn’t afraid to show her authentic self to the world.

This is the year for you to break out of your fashion rut, set personal style goals, and achieve your wildest dreams. Go for it!


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