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Winter Hats 101: Cool Styles and Warmth Without Hat Head

Let’s face it; most winter hats are more functional than fashion-forward. And we all know that hats can sabotage a good hair day.

But you don’t need to wear a furry trapper hat with ear flaps to be toasty. These handy hat tips will help you avoid frostbite and look ultra-chic whether commuting to work, grocery shopping, or tobogganing with the family.

Cool Hats to Style Your Winter Wear

Winter hats are made from wool, felt, fleece, faux fur, cashmere or cotton blends and come in many colours, styles and patterns.

Just like jewellery, belts or shoes, your headgear should complement your outfit and suit the occasion.

If your outerwear is a neutral shade, choose a bright coloured hat. Alternatively, if your jacket or coat is the show stopper piece, choose a hat that’s monotone – black, brown, grey or navy.

Hats with slogans are perfect for casual events, but for the office or formal affairs, pick a plain hat that doesn’t advertise a brand or is at odds with your personal style.

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Beanies are a popular hat style. They’re often knitted from wool or polyester and can be cuffed or cuffless. You’ll find that some beanies fit snug over your head while others have excess fabric at the back for a slouched, hipster look.

If you have bangs, wear your beanie at the top of your forehead near the hairline so that it frames your face.

Wear glasses? Choose a knitted hat and fold over the cuff one or two times. This prevents the arms of the glasses from sticking out.

Pom-Pom Hats

You may know these as bobble hats. It’s a beanie topped with various sized knitted or faux fur pom-poms. Traditionally, these were children’s headgear but now are a stylish adult fashion statement for casual and dressed-up affairs.

Remember to avoid neon colours, crazy patterns or any hat with an over-the-top sized pom-pom, especially if the occasion is anywhere between business casual and formal.

Choose a snug-fitting bobble hat if you have a long-shaped face, so you’re not adding length. On the other hand, if you have a round face shape, pick a hat with extra fabric to add height.

Winter Headbands

Knitted headbands are a great option, and they look cute!

They may be braided, have a button or rhinestone detail, are twisted in the front, or sport an off-center flower detail.

Whether you have long, short or pull your hair into a loose top knot, this headgear is versatile and will keep you warm, especially if you don’t care for full-fledged hats or earmuffs.

With the variety in colours, you can have a different headband for every winter outfit!

How to Avoid Hat Head this Winter

The top tip to avoid your hair from taking on the shape of your hat is to make sure that your hair is totally dry and cool.

Prevent frizzy or static cling hair by spritzing your locks with an anti-static spray. You can also try a texturizing spray or a dime-sized dap of hair oil or serum to smooth out the frizz.

Other quick fixes include putting your hair up in a loose bun, wearing a silk scarf under your hat, or using a mini curling or flat iron for a quick touch-up.

A hairstylist shared one of the best hat head tips of the season. Part and flip your hair to the opposite side of your head before putting on your hat. After removing the hat, flip your hair back to your usual part and tousle with your fingertips. You’ll have tons of height and volume and no hat head!

Final Fashion Advice

Venturing outside doesn’t mean freezing your ears or gritting through a bad hair day.

The proper headgear will keep you stylishly warm, and following these handy hair tips will nix the hat head. Yes, you can look winter wonderful this season!


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