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Trends vs. Personal Style – Fads Fade but Style is Forever

Admit it.

We either crack-up or cringe as we flip through our high school yearbooks, and see the big hair, over-sized glasses and fluorescent colour trends we wore. Personal style? Not us. We were fashionistas, or so we thought at the time.

But being trendy is not the same thing as being stylish. Time has moved on, and so should you.

Knowing the difference between styles that flatter and fads that fizzle will help you feel fabulous, confident and ready to conquer your day.

Trends are Timely

Trends are outwardly focused. They catch on quickly and become all the rage with millions of men and women. The fashion and marketing industries determine and hype what’s in vogue. You spot the latest fashion trends on celebrities and runways, and in magazines, movies and stores.

Clothes, fabrics, colours, accessories, eyewear, hairstyles, makeup, and more can be the trend of the moment. Think big shoulder pads in the ’80s, scrunchies and tube tops in the ’90s. And don’t forget the pant craze of the early 2000s when words like sassy were written across your assy.

Fads are a snap-shot in time. What impression would you make if you wore a skirt over jeans to the office? Inappropriate? Just don’t care? Someone who’s stuck in a time-warp?

Although widely embraced, fads only last from six months to a few years, after that they just date you.

Women's leg with floral legging, high heels and blue hand bag

Personal Style is Timeless

On the flip side, your signature style is ageless.

Style is a personal choice and is driven by your body shape, height, colouring, personality and lifestyle. Staying true to your authentic self ensures that your clothes flatter you, enhance your personality and help you feel cool and confident in any situation. It’s your unique ‘signature’ look.

Some personal styles are:

  • Classic: simple, with clean lines in neutral colours. Think sophistication like Victoria Beckham.

  • Natural: functional, comfortable, and casual. Think fuss-free like Sandra Bullock.

  • Dramatic: bold colours, unique prints, and big accessories. Think attention-grabbing like Lady Gaga.

Following your own brand style allows you to ignore trends that don’t work for you. Shopping and dressing are effortless, and you can wear your clothes again and again. You save time and money without the fear of a fashion faux pas.

Final Fashion Advice:

Never feel pressured by fashion influencers to buy everything you see in magazines or malls.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up! Focus on your unique look first, then throw a few trendy pieces that are body type, age and situationally appropriate.

Trends are fun, like indulging in ice cream on a hot Saturday afternoon. But your personal style is your main meal – the essential daily vitamins, so you always look your optimal best!


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