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Body Image

Body Image

What is Body Image?

Body Image is how we see ourselves. Everyone has a different perception of their own body image and I believe we are our own worst critics. In the media today we see all kinds of images on what a healthy body should look like. As well, there are so many weight loss programs and exercise programs out there it’s almost overwhelming. The key is finding what works for you – just because it worked for someone else does not mean it will work for you!

In my experience I grew up extremely thin and never had to much consider my weight or barely thought about it as it just seemed to fall off of me. I could eat whatever I wanted with no consequences when it came to weight gain. Once I got over 40 this seemed to change and all of sudden I was 20 lbs over my original weight. I remember my mom saying to me wow you look really good…for your whole life you were always super thin and didn’t look as healthy as you do now. Which was all fine and good but I myself wasn’t comfortable. I was used to my thin body and this curvaceous body didn’t feel like mine. Clothes didn’t fit the way I wanted them to. I was always an off the rack type of person and anything I put on felt good, all of sudden clothes were tight and there were bulges here there and everywhere and I didn’t feel so confident in my clothing. This was hard because this is exactly what I teach my clients… to feel confident in your clothes and good about yourself. I would look in the mirror and at pictures and think wow how did this happen?

I know I got careless with my eating and readily admit that! One too many bags of chips a week doesn’t do a body good! I often offered this as a treat to myself after completing a workshop day or driving home. Not the best thing to do for your body! As well I loved dip and often would almost polish off the entire bag. Cream in my tea or decaf coffee was a big thing too. Dessert was often as I eat out a lot when I travel and thought I deserved the dessert.

Anyway – my body screamed at me this past March and now all of a sudden I can’t eat gluten/wheat. This is not by choice it’s from an allergic reaction. So needless to say I dropped 12 lbs in a very short time and am eating really well. Very careful as to what I eat. I still enjoy my food for sure but pay more attention to it. Sometimes things in life happen and it forces you to make changes.

My daily food schedule goes like this:

Breakfast – green smoothie – fruit, spinach, greek yogurt and water – super yummy

Lunch – salad and protein or a gluten free soup

Dinner – full dinner of meat, potatoes and veggies or salad

Rarely have a snack if I do its frozen greek yogurt.

Lots of tea during the day and water. My teas are licorice root, peach, chamomile, decaf tea, ginger tea, white pare tea.

I still have wine – enjoy both the white or a red. I won’t have this every night, but on weekends. Chips are still a weakness for me and I will indulge on weekends and have some for sure.I wanted to find an exercise that I truly enjoy like absolutely love. To be honest I haven’t found that yet – I have machines and I do use them, but I can’t say I love them. So still on the search for that. I can honestly say I love kayaking and being on the water, it’s so much joy it doesn’t feel like exercise! As well hiking in the bush! Love the outdoors and when I’m outside it’s very active, but doesn’t feel like it. Love this part.

Everyone has their own thing they like and we don’t all fit into a cookie cutter of certain workouts, etc…I know for myself I do want to feel really great about me and feel terrific in my clothes as this is what I promote. I read different pages on the internet about Diet Rebellion – which is great and works for them or the hardcore fitness people which is great as well! However, not all of us fit into either category. Most of us just want to be comfortable with who we are and comfortable with our health and body.

My suggestions for Body Image:

  1. Know yourself

  2. Know what makes you comfortable and uncomfortable

  3. What your ideal weight is doesn't have to match society

  4. Find the healthiest foods that you like

  5. Enjoy your food - Eat enough and never deprive yourself - Once we deprive ourselves that's when our bad habits kick in

  6. Eat on time - When we eat 3 square meals a day - snacking is not an issue

  7. Age gracefully - as we get older our bodies do change and gracefully go with it - Don't kill yourself for that 20 year old body

This is me – 3 years ago and me last year – as you can see I am heavier in the second picture. A lot of indulging! Now figuring out what works for me came into play this year and is ongoing. Again everyone is beautiful in their own way – but we are each our own worst critics and its important to feel beautiful for you! Once you feel it people pick up on that and you always come across as more confident! It is never about just what other people think is beautiful as long as you yourself feel it inside. Don’t go by others definition. I was talking to my friend and she said you look way better in second photo, but if I don’t feel I do it doesn’t matter. What I have learned is beauty and confidence comes from within you and your own perception of you.


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