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Fresh New Look for Fall: Time to Cure Your Style Rut

Fresh New Look for Fall: It's Time to Cure Your Style Rut!

We've all changed this past year. We've adjusted our work habits and lifestyle – missed family and friends, and became Zoom experts.

But better days and Autumn are just around the corner. It's time to ditch the stretchy pants, embrace a fresh attitude and revamp your image with a professional style, colour analysis and wardrobe consultation.

Upgrade Your Image with a Personality Style Consultation

You'll discover and create an updated image as you re-engage with life

  • You'll learn what works for your body shape and lifestyle

  • You'll understand why you're drawn to certain clothing choices

  • You'll identify your authentic style signature

  • You'll never look in your closet and think you have nothing to wear

  • You'll save money, time and frustration when you shop.

But best of all you'll feel confident and comfortable in your clothes and ready for any occasion.

Whether as an individual or with a group of friends, I can help – virtually! You'll receive a detailed characteristic and personal style quiz that will help me determine if you're a Classic, Romantic, Creative, Natural, Sporty/Elegant, Dramatic or a combo!

You'll receive an e-book with a complete rundown of your personality style for future use. Book your consultation today. Contact me at 705-237-8682, or direct message me on Facebook.

Look Fresh, Young and Vibrant wit a Colour Analysis Consultation

  • You'll know the best colours for your skin tone, eyes, hair and makeup

  • You'll learn what colour palette works for your clothes and accessories

  • You'll easily be able to mix and match wardrobe items in the same palette

  • You'll never feel old, dull or outdated again

  • You'll save shopping time when you go directly to your colour section

  • You'll avoid having a closet full of mistakes!

You'll never have to guess again what suits and makes you sparkle.

With the help of a close-up image of your face, I look at your skin's undertones, eye colour and the natural colour of your hair. This helps me determine your season and whether you're a Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn palette.

You'll receive your perfect colour palette with complete details of the best colours for jewellery, shoes, belts, bags, hosiery and hair.

Colour analysis and Personality is done online, either privately or with friends – and it's fun! Book your consultation today. Contact me at 705-237-8682, or direct message me on Facebook.

Dress to Impress with a Consultation for the Workplace

Are you an employment service or training organization serving Ontario Works, Employment Training Clients or Youth Groups? Perhaps your sales staff need a fresh, professional look. Then my Dress to Impress Workshop is for you.

This one day online or onsite group workshop is specifically designed for people seeking employment and business opportunities.

  • You'll clarify your employment, business and lifestyle goals

  • You'll understand how to verbally and non-verbally make a great first impression

  • You'll discover your signature style and what is appropriate for every occasion

  • You'll learn your colour palette for the perfect clothes, hair and makeup.

All this information helps me shop virtually for each client using my online shopping program. In addition, your clients will receive an entire professional or lifestyle outfit, including shoes and a new hairstyle, PLUS a personality style and colour palette rundown.

Your clients gain confidence and a competitive edge in the labour market and business world. For more information, please reach out at 705-237-8682, or direct message me on Facebook.

Celebrate the Fall Season with a New Fresh Look

Autumn sparks new hope and opportunities, so what better way to update your image and save over $200 when you take advantage of my Cure Your Style Rut Fall Special.

Starting August 1 to 31, 2021, private consultations for Personality Style/Colour are $97, and groups of 3-4 are an amazing $45 each person. Dress to Impress is for community organizations/agencies, so please email me, Dawn, for a proposal.

Grab some friends and book today! Contact me at 705-237-8682, or direct message me on Facebook.


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