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The Power of Colour: What You Wear Reveals Your Personality

Psychologists, advertisers and personal stylists understand the power of colour and how it impacts your thoughts, emotions and actions. The colour of your outfit also projects your persona and influences how others react and respond to you.

Every day, you choose certain items because the colour emphasizes your skin tone or makes you feel fabulous. But you also subconsciously pick colours to send subtle messages like I’m romantic, sophisticated, fun-loving, and a hoot to hang out with!

Knowing the significance of colours will help you choose clothes to conquer your day, shape first impressions, and maybe even tip important decisions and circumstances in your favour.

What Colours Say About You

Colours have meaning and signal a lot about your internal thoughts and external messages – who you believe yourself to be and how you show up in the world.

Here are some qualities, and traits commonly associated with certain colours.

Red symbolizes excitement. It is extroverted, bold, passionate and powerful. This is a superb choice when you want to make a statement.

Orange indicates openness, creativity and success. This colour can lift your mood and signal fun and adventure.

Yellow is cheery, inspiring and stimulating. Wear yellow to boost your concentration and productivity.

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Green is the most common colour found in nature and represents renewal, calmness and balance. This is a great choice when you want to portray peace, growth and contentment.

Blue represents stability, dependability and efficiency. Many business suits are blue, which is an impressive colour to wear for a job interview or meeting.

Pink denotes femininity, warmth, and friendliness. Choose this colour when you’re feeling generous and open to new situations and people.

Purple traditionally represents abundance, wealth, spirituality and wisdom. If you’re artistic, this may be your favourite colour for clothes and your hair.

Brown denotes down-to-earth, strength and security. This warm colour signals wholesomeness, tradition and family.

Black implies luxury, style and sophistication. Think of formal occasions and the classic little black dress.

White portrays cleanliness, purity, simplicity and freshness. Wear white to signal a fresh start and optimism.

How to Choose Colours

Pick wardrobe colours to enhance your look and mood and to communicate who you are to others. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What colours flatters my skin, hair and eyes?

  2. What colours make me look vibrant and dynamic?

  3. How do I want to feel today or for this event?

  4. What image do I want to send, and what reaction do I want?

Switch things up! Don’t be drawn to the same old colours. It’s time to refresh and elevate your image. Book a style and colour consultation today.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the dramatic impact of colours, getting dressed in the morning will never be the same.

Wearing the right colour can pump your confidence to ask for a promotion, easily speak in front of a crowd and chase never-thought-possible dreams.

You’ll be able to choose outfits that reflect your personality, supercharge your confidence and present the perfect image to the world.


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